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What Are the First Steps in a Home Remodeling Project?

So you're considering remodeling… sure, who would not want an updated, upgraded and overall better living area? Whether it's adding some new fancy amenities or reconfiguring a completely different floor plan, it requires a little bit of thinking and planning ahead. But where do you really begin? Find out more details about home renovations via

What Are the First Steps in a Home Remodeling Project?

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Below are a few tips to help get you on the perfect path for your next big remodeling job.

1st – Determine what is desired vs. needed – List all the things you want to see changed or improved on your remodel. Then list all of the things that absolutely must get done. This is important when trying to budget your finances.

 If you're going over budget on a job, this list will help weed out all things which aren't imperative. Having a jetted tub is fine in a bathroom to remodel, but is it crucial?

2nd – Establish your budget & stick to it – Figure out how much you're wanting to invest and how much you've saved. Maybe consider looking for other sources of financing such as home equity loan, home improvement loan, second mortgage, etc..

The 2nd part is trying to keep the magic number. As soon as you've determined how much you are able, try to plan on spending about 80 percent of it. Save the additional 20% for some of those “unforeseen". Anything not in the initial contract will be an additional price.