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Types of Sports Injuries

Types of Sports Injuries

Head and brain injury

These injuries occur during falls or blows. A body movement that suddenly may also cause the head to take a backward, forward or sideways motion. Bruising and bleeding on the scalp shows a head injury when loss of consciousness, confusion and amnesia among other symptoms, can be a sign of a concussion.


Fractures and stress fractures

Fracture refers to fracture. mild fractures, such as stress fractures (which appears on the surface of the bone) should be treated with minimal bone movement and protection of the affected bone. large fractures, such as femur fractures or shattered bones, must have rested and closed parts of the body to prevent infection, especially if the skin and surrounding tissues are unharmed. Take proper dental treatment .

Sprains and strains

A sprain refers to tearing of the ligaments while strain refers to a muscle or tendon tears. In addition to pain, tendons (which join bone muscle) and sprains (ligaments that join bone to bone) can lead to joint dislocation.

Spinal cord injury

body twists sudden and strenuous exercise can injure the spinal cord; dislocation or pressed discs. spinal cord injury list include catastrophic injuries such as severe injury to the nervous system can cut off communication between the brain and body parts; causing paralysis.



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