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The Beginners Guide to Custom Powder Coating

The Beginners Guide to Custom Powder Coating

There’s no doubt that powder coating systems provide both aesthetic value and practical utility on metal equipment, fixtures, and components. Typically comprising of a multi-step finishing process, powder coating technology has evolved over the years, providing better resistance to everyday wear and tear than it did in the past.

The specifics as to what goes into the custom powder coating process will depend on a myriad of factors- today we’ll provide an overview by briefly discussing the powder coating process. You can also get information about the best industrial powder coating systems via online sources.

As its name suggests, powder coatings coat the intended surface with a coating of fine powder. The powder is composed of a combination of pigment, specialized resins, and fillers that melt and fuse together for a painted finish result.

Powder Coating Applications

The spray gun ensures that the electrostatically charged powder mixture before application. Powder spraying will usually occur in what is known as a powder spray booth – which is a dedicated work space to apply the powder coating to the surface.

Curing Oven

Once the surface is coated powders, it is placed in a curing oven-class industry. The coated surface exposed to hot air in the oven so that the healing process to set in. Total time to surface equipment, structures, components, etc to stay in the oven will depend on the thickness of the coat, and size and shape of the structure.