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Leadership A Path To Job Success

We all need and thrive for successful projects. but, what does project success mean? Or can it be the path to glory? Do results consistently matter the most? What else does project success mean? And what does it take to achieve job success? Does success drop from heaven?

Is it restricted to some lucky few who have been in the right place at the right moment? Can it be a coincidence? Or can we actually plan achievement?

It is Undoubted that great project management is a critical factor in job success. That is, a job cannot be conducted without job management, be it formal or casual. You need to have something that holds things together.

Underlying is the assumption that we want some form of order to organize and run a project. Someone has to do something. In this sense, job management helps set a framework, providing order and structure to potential chaos. Without this arrangement a job leads to nowhere; it will most likely fail if it takes off.

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Should you Want to create results out of apparent chaos you have to build a structure that permits imagination, innovation, and results. Project management provides excellent tools to build this structure.

They are important and essential for job success. However, are they sufficient? I really don't think so. As a matter of fact, I assert that unless you gear them in the perfect path, they remain inefficient. If you really wish to secure job success you need to understand what is necessary to set the right direction. Project management alone will not do the trick. What it requires is leadership – your own leadership.

Without project leadership, There is not any direction in project management. The direction is the decisive factor for enhancing the chances for jobs to be successful. Thus, effective project management needs to have a solid foundation based in project direction. Without direction, chances are that a project will be "just another job."