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How to Handle Your Initial Meeting with a Landscape Professional

The kind of landscape specialist you require is dependent upon the type of job you have. Many will provide a “free quote". 

Below are the many services the landscape business owns to serve the various needs of any Specific customer or occupation:

How to Handle Your Initial Meeting with a Landscape Professional

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Lawn upkeep – mow lawns, trim trees, control weeds, etc..

Specialty builder – put in a particular job like a fireplace a terrace or even a sprinkler system. All these tradesmen have particular skill sets like timber, concrete, plumbing, tile, etc..

Full-service landscape contractor – manages multiple abilities and transactions such as irrigation, fireplaces, BBQs, patios, plantings, fences, walls and the majority of the normal elements one would have to build in a brand new landscape setup.

Landscape Designer – Could be not. There's not any licensing requirement to tag the self a Landscape Designer. Designers normally don't get involved with the contracting component of a job, but a few do if they've structure knowledge.

Landscape Architect – Is an expert certification given by the state through licensing. Must possess a degree in Landscape Architecture. Typically targets commercial jobs and greater end residential to warrant their high design fees.

Design-Build Contractor – A contractor who's a landscape contractor also contains design experience. This sort of contractor is capable of providing a customer with a layout that includes each of the numerous components of a landscape and that will then assemble it.