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All About the Natural Back Pain Relief

Most of us hold a lot of tension in the back, neck and shoulders, which leads to the sealing. Thus, they are more vulnerable to stress because of the relatively casual events. There may be due to cold for golf or tennis, for example, or spend too much time on the computer without a break. (If you are reading this online now, and I wondered how many times is that most ergonomic specialists recommend standing and stretching about once an hour.) There are three paths for natural back pain relief.

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1. Stop standing. Lying down relieves pressure on muscle tissue. Lie on your back and slowly lift your knees to your chin. Go all the way to the chin, if you can, but if you start to feel pain, do not lift your knees away. Now hold this position for at least one minute. If you start to feel pain, lower than before.

2. Ice is nice. Slowly rub an ice cube on the painful area. Use a circular motion and keep the cube in motion to prevent freezing and injuring any tissue surface. Ask someone to help you if you cannot easily reach the painful area.

3. Move slowly. After using the ice slow motion and gentle helps to improve circulation and can help your fiber in position. Move the area with its range of motion, taking care to move to comfortable rather than stressful positions.