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Importance of Work From Home During Covid-19

Globally the Covid-19 of making people suffer a lot and there is no new vaccine yet. During this tough time the unimaginable thing that happened was work from home/ online classes. These two things have played an important role in controlling the spread of Covid-19 in masses and at the same time preventing any financial and educational loss. Due to this some people who are genuinely suffering from any medical problem are afraid to consult the doctors. For your convenience you can consult the beat family physician at Coastal Family Medicine online or over the call. 

In any country most of the people who go out from home on a daily basis are the working people and students. It is a reality that even if one student or colleague suffers from Covid-19, there are chances of risking hundreds of people / students getting affected from it. 

Since they would go home to meet their family and other people. They can be the easiest carriers of Covid-19 virus. With the work from home and online classes regulations, the government has taken the right step to prevent the spread of this virus in a huge number and control the prevention in a right way. Also, people got the chance to spend time with their family and loved ones, which is hardly to get at present.

FLU – Symptoms and Treatment

Flu which also stands for Influenza is a commonly caused disease. People often face this problem and we are used to it now. Though it is not a dangerous disease but in some cases it can turn out to be a serious problem. So getting a medical consultation is a must while you suffer from flu. You can consult Coastal Family Medicine that has the best flu specialist and gives quality healthcare facilities.

Here are a few symptoms of FLU:

– Fever

– Cough

– Muscle Aches

– Headache

– Fatigue

If you face any such symptoms altogether, you must go and see a doctor. Once you visit any doctor they will follow a few below mentioned treatments based on the diagnosis:

– Drink plenty of fluids. This includes water, soup, and low-sugar flavored drinks.

– Treat symptoms such as headache and fever with OTC medications.

– Wash your hands to prevent spreading the virus to other surfaces or to other people in your house.

– Cover your coughs and sneezes with tissues. Immediately dispose of those tissues.

– Intake of pain relievers, decongestants, expectorants, cough suppressants.

There are a few groups of people who are at a high risk of getting serious problems or suffer from worse symptoms of flu. These groups are as:

– people with weakened immune systems

– women who are pregnant or up to two weeks postpartum

– people who are at least 65 years old

– children under 5 years old 

– people who live in chronic care facilities or nursing homes

– people who have chronic conditions, such as heart or lung disease

So on suffering with flu go and seek a medical consultation as soon as possible and start your treatment before it becomes a serious issue.