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Project Funding In The East

 Particularly at a country that you may have heard once in your life. Yes, we are talking about the country where we learn the pyramids have been made. Egypt, my fellow humans. We are talking about the funding that they have going on there that may have something to do with projects. The Egypt project funding.

Who knows? Maybe it could even be about another pyramid establishment. Or maybe that is a bit racist to say. Is it? we are not really sure what to say and what not say anymore what with all these social justice warriors trying to make a big deal out of everything.

If the Egyptians want to make more pyramids then good for them, right? They should do whatever the hell they want without us foreigners dictating about what they feel when we clearly have no idea how they feel about it. For all we know, they could pretty okay and indifferent about it.

And if they want to build other things that are not pyramids then more power to them, we say. What we should do is help them out if they so much as ask for it. It would be nice on our part if we lend out a hand, right? If there is no bad blood between them and us then it should no problem.

In the meantime, let them do what the hell they want because it is their country and we have our own to look after. Speaking of, if you ever want to fund something that will become big in the future, then you ought to get permission for it first. To build, we mean.

Because if you fund it first and you have the whole money now and then realize that you are not actually allowed to build that particular thing there, then you are going to anger a lot of people. It would seem like a scam even though you had pure intentions. So get the permit first. And then once you got it, hire a contractor to help you make the thing, whatever the heck it might be.

It could be a building, school or a bridge for all we care. Just get the permits and the proper people to help you out on it so nothing goes awry. It might be hard to enlist such an army to get you that project up and running, but what are you going to do? Do it all by yourself?

You are not a superhuman, even though you probably wish you were. Same, buddy. But you cannot finish the project on your own. For one thing, you need the builders. And someone who knows what they are doing to lead the whole operation. And if you have some knowledge about all that jazz, then lend your own hand into it and make use of your education.

If this project becomes a success, you will be getting profit around it hopefully. And you would not be a scammer anymore that people doubted was going to use the money for something that will actually help people.