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Geothermal Heat Pump Systems – The Most Energy Efficient Heating & Cooling Solution

If there is one device that is right up there with a major breakthrough in the study about the application of energy-saving, it is a geothermal heat pump system.

The heat pump system works like a refrigerator; they just disappear and absorb heat from the underground environment through the nexus of pipes buried in the earth. Just like a conventional refrigerator this pipeline carrying liquids and can reduce energy consumption by 70 percent.

However, although the system is designed in a way their fridge has one significant difference, which makes them better than their predecessors.

It is common knowledge that deep in the earth's temperature remains high constantly, regardless of climate change. This device uses a layer of earth, where the temperature remains constant at fifty degrees Celsius.

Therefore provide highly reliable solutions, because it does not like the refrigerator, which transfers heat to the surrounding air, they are not affected by changes in the environment.

That is why; this device can operate with as little as one kilowatt of energy per hour provides 12,000 Btu of heating or cooling. Meanwhile, a / c system conventionally requires energy in an amount of 2.2 Kilowatts/hour to produce the same amount of BTUs.

Geothermal systems can perform at the level, the more efficient 400x and 200 xs for best air conditioning is better than the best gas furnaces are available in the market.