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Most Popular and Fascinating Tourist Destinations in Japan

It is found that tourists from worldwide are attracted towards Japan serene and high-tech environment. This has made Japan one of the popular holiday destinations for foreign tourists.

In the present scenario, the Japanese government is also taking some initiatives to increase the number of visitors as well as making great efforts to ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for tourists.

Stunning Himeji Castle:

This castle is one of Japan's best-preserved samurai castles. The Himeji Castle is a must-see for any castle lover. Most often the castle is known as "Shirasagi-jo", which means White Heron Castle in Japanese, because of its brilliant white exterior that has a striking resemblance of a heron taking flight. Japan tour package offer you unbeatable prices and unparalleled value.

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Elegant Phoenix Hall at Byodo-in-Temple:

One of the most beautiful buildings in Japan, The Phoenix Hall at Byodo-in-Temple is located in Uji, Kyoto. It is believed that Phoenix Hall was originally a country palace for the Fujiwara clan, which was later converted to a temple by Yorimichi Fujiwara to enshrine the Buddha Amida.

Calm Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park:

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park located in the center of Hiroshima City in Japan contains several memorials of the Hiroshima atomic bomb victims. The main purpose of the park is not only to memorialize the victims but to raise awareness about the devastations of nuclear war.

Beautiful Koya-san:

Also known as Koya-san or Mount Koya, this place is a beautiful complex of temples, monasteries, and necropolis, located deep inside a mountainside forest. By visiting this place you will find it as one of the most pristine and sacred places of Japan. Often called the "Shangri-La" of Japan, Koya san is the best place to catch a glimpse of Japanese spirituality and long-held religious & traditions.