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Hiking Poles – What Are the Latest Features and How Useful Are They?

When you take the plunge and start looking out for some hiking poles, you will see there are many different creations and different features. In addition, poles are made of various materials that vary in weight and strength. And of course, all of this affects the price.

So what are the main materials and features commonly available today and which one best suits your needs and your pocket? Let's look at the main contenders …

Modern lightweight walking or trekking poles are usually made of aluminum or carbon fiber. When you consider the weight of all that you take up the mountain, Carbon Fiber does have advantages over aluminum. You can get good-quality trekking poles at various online stores.

Do compare the weight of the pole when buying and choosing the lightest you can afford. Losing the weight you carry in your hand or saved to your backpack all add up to a hike more enjoyable.

Adjustable telescopic pole with section gives you the flexibility to adjust the length of the pole with the best fit for your height.

Plus they give you the flexibility to change the length of your hike for a specific part that is shortening them to stomp up the long climb or get them again on a steep descent and help with balance.

For ultralight backpacking, a number of tent offers great savings in weight design that allows you to use your telescopic pole in place to bring the tent pole.

Also when hiking through thick bush or rock scramble and the section you want to stow your poles for backpacks have the person you are reducing the length really helps to prevent them from snagging or jamming between the rocks.

Dawn Colvin

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