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Finger and Thumb Sucking in Children

Many infants and toddlers suck their thumbs or fingers. In fact, it is a way of completely normal, healthy small children to soothe themselves and entertain themselves. Finger-sucking has a purpose at a very young age but can cause problems if the habit alive later in childhood.

The majority of young children who suck their thumbs or fingers stop this habit before preschool. However, not all do. For some, it can be a difficult habit to break. You can purchase thumb sucking prevention devices online via

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But it's important for kids to quit before their permanent teeth come in because over time can cause permanent damage. Finger and thumb sucking can affect the alignment of teeth, palate and the proper growth of the jawbone.

Prolonged sucking can push the upper front teeth out. The degree of damage varies from child to child. Strong suck is more damaging than if the thumb is only "resting" in the mouth, although it is still important to break the habit. But how?

First of all, it involves a child from the beginning. Talk and decided to get together, set goals and benefits to reach them. Experts suggest positive reinforcement and a gentle reminder to drive. Often children thumb-sucking when they are anxious or stressed, so if you see people trying to talk to trigger or entertain children.

Finally, if you've tried everything and your child still cannot stop the habit, there are other alternatives such as a mouth guard or bitter taste to wear nail polish. This great work for some kids, and you know your child best.

Dawn Colvin

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