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Effects of Pesticides and Make it Eco-friendly

Pesticides are very common in today's world to fight against all kinds of pests roam in your home. They are deadly and can harm you in many ways as possible. They can carry a variety of diseases and infections dangerous for your family members. This is very important in today's world have the right pest control protection occurs regularly.

Non-Toxic Methods for controlling insects in the home/garden:

There are plenty of non-toxic pest control solutions and organic as diatomaceous earth that would kill a variety of insects in the common room without posing any danger to your family and pets. You can check out for getting more knowledge about eco-friendly pest control.

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Mechanical devices Pest Control:

You can also use a mechanical device to keep a check on household pests such as rats/mice. It is generally very effective and absolutely free of chemicals for the prevention of any kind of threat. a common example is a mousetrap.

Chili Wax:

It is a mixture of various substances such as paraffin wax edible, plant and capsicum powder concentrated.  It undermines their system eventually leads to their death.  

Insecticide Soap:

After spraying this spray in the early morning / late at night you have to wait for a while. It takes time to get dry. It is most effective on soft body insects such as aphids. It should relate to the pest's body for long periods of time. Then it will only be effective.