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Blocked Drains – What’s The Best Way to Unblock a Pipe?

The best way to see inside your pipes is to hire a plumber that has a drain camera. A drain camera is a specialized video camera that is inserted inside a drain pipe and provides a live video feed of what is going on inside the pipe.

Once your plumber has determined where the blockage is inside your pipework and what it is being caused by they are then able to insert a high-pressure water jetting machine inside your pipe which can clear out the blocked pipe in an efficient manner. If you hire a plumbing company that carries these tools your backed-up toilet or blocked sink can be cleared all in one visit, quickly and with little disturbance.

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So what exactly is a High-Pressure Water Jetter?

A Water Jetter is a drain clearing machine that delivers water at very high pressure and volume inside your blocked pipes that cut away whatever is in its way. It runs around 5000psi which is a high-pressure speed perfect for clearing blockages within pipework.

What is better – A Water Jetter or an Electric Eel?

Electric Eels which are also referred to as a plumbing snake or a drain snake is very abrasive to the inside of pipes. It operates by spinning its cable around on the inside of the drainpipe, which in turn rubs against the pipe. When the cable rubs in the same place for a period of time as it is pushed down the pipework it can cut or crack the pipe and even punch a hole through the pipe.