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Can Online Therapy Treat Depression?

Aug 11, 2020 Health and Fitness

Can Online Therapy Treat Depression?

Depression is a state of mind, and there is help out there. Often when we feel stressed, we can distort reality, and fail to see the positives, and only focus on the negative. Can Online therapy treat depression? 

Online therapy allows you to meet with a therapist from the comfort of your own home. Meetings are confidential and held in one of an online chatroom, or on the phone.

Although different from seeing someone in person, of course, they can be very effective and are a great match for people. You can get online counseling from registered clinical counsellors via online sources.

Online counseling and why one should consider it

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Some people just do not feel comfortable sitting in the therapist's office. They prefer to be in their own house and found that chatting online is much less intrusive regulation. Online therapy for depression focuses on taking a closer look at where the depression is coming from, and brainstorm ways to deal with it. 

This is a very cognitive process and can be completed online. Once you can find the cause of depression, it is possible to brainstorm ways to treat it. A typical session consists of an online chat that focuses on depression. 

The therapist and client examine together where depression is coming from, and take a closer look at the situation to determine what can be changed to bring some relief. The therapist can often see things that the client cannot because the therapist is a trained professional, able to have a view of the situation "from the outside looking into". Online therapy can be a great way for those who struggle with depression to receive assistance.